Hot Wheels


I make posts about many different topics but for right now I want to talk about…

Dope cars…

Everybody can relate to or has some kind of fantasy about what their favorite car could be or would be. I have quite a few favorites of my own the one this picture above is the Bugatti vision Gran Turismo.

Now that’s a mean machine right there.

I’ve seen some pretty mean cars around the world, from New York to Miami and even locally in Some parts of Michigan like Rochester, West Bloomfield, and Detroit

I remember story from high school that comes in play when we start talking about these more luxurious and expensive cars. Now obviously anything this good would have to be paid for and it obviously is something that would demand a higher level of operation and more responsibility. You can’t have Lamborghini dreams with a Honda Accord work ethic group are going to obviously have to have A job a hustle a flow of currency a source of income that can compensate for the value that you will be getting with vehicles of this caliber.

Oh yea back to the story, so in high school I remember we were in either English or art or some other subject that’s not relevant to the point of this story, Anyways I was sitting there with some classmates of mine and we are about in the 10th grade and we are just talking and looking over magazines with luxury cars in them. I thought cool! Wow! that’s sweet! I love it! these are possibilities for the future O wow! That’s amazing like I like that sporty look I like the luxury look. I had just simply not learned any limitations of why this 10th grader in this inner City Community High School could not one day make enough of himself to be able to enjoy the fruits of one who understands and applies principles of discipline, vision, collaboration, and inspired action.

However I took a suitable note when some of my fellow classmates who where also admiring the magazines Admitted that they believe that they would never be able to enjoy in and acquire these types of vehicles. Wow even as a kid knowing as little as I knew back then something about that did not feel right.

I mean even if you look at this new BMW i8 and its transference between electric energy and fuel energy, Just all of the dope aspects of this sleek economical motor electric sports car. Yes it is price point of around $150,000 it is not something that’s easily attainable for anyone Who doesn’t already just have millions of dollars at their disposal, And you still have to have a strategy a plan there will have to be a concrete and tangible resource to acquire such possessions.

Even those who understand principles of such as the law of attraction and knowing that anything that you can see with your mind you can have, even they understand that there are definite steps to take and sacrifices to be made, but I was so heavily impressed by that instance of bondage on that young mind that It stayed stuck in my head as an example of how not to see anything that is possible whether it seems supported by the current state of reality around you or not.

There are some individuals who would put their dream car on something called a vision board so that they could see it often. Now that’s all well and good and it has its place but just know that to whom much is given much is required.

Material possessions come and go I do find that there are some things that are motivation when you are be holding the artistry of the craftsmanship.

So in conclusion I just want to tell all of you dreamers out there

keep dreamin!!



Formless Like Water


What can we learn?

from the shapelessnes and formlessness of water. From being able to go with the flow of the current of the happenings happening around you without restrictive measures to be taken. Or being the wave that crashes down and can apply authority and pressure if necessary and if provoked. Now we look at Bruce Lee and the mighty man that he was and what he did in this world these words from him are to be considered.

Bruce Lee was a well-known martial artist and excellent fighter who found himself at the pinnacle of the fighting world. You may have seen some old kung fu movies with him starring in his high action high energy fast paced moves full of character and humor. I remember seeing a clip of him on social media where he attempted many and successfully executed many uniquely different feats.

**I’m sorry I was just interrupted in my blog posts in with my train of thought from my niece’s coming in and entertaining me with their rambunctious activity. Hahaha do not worry I will be able to pick it right back up now that I see where I left it at**

Okay. Back to Bruce Lee and what he was doing in the video clips for circulating on social media. Imagine this I’m sure you seen the elite level of ping pong players And how focused and intense you have to be paying attention and your reaction time to be able to compete at that level. One of the resounding feats that Bruce Lee exemplified in the video was that he was playing ping pong with his nunchucks. And not only playing, brother was the winning.. like he was playing against two opponents yet still was slicing down on the ping pong ball.

Not as I watch this as well as other spectacular examples that were in that video clip I realized that this man’s mind was in tune And in the zone capable of laser targeting his mental faculties to be able to be formless like water…

See when you have these great individuals who rise up in their level of endeavor whatever it may be coming out with the sayings of their philosophies.

You get an exclusive look at what makes that individual tick what is the fuel to their fire what makes them who they are. And as we know your life and the outlook of what it is, is dependent upon what is going on in your internal world of affairs.

There is an ancient Greek word Eirene which was also one of the Greek goddesses who was named that but that word means peace. The harvest is plenteous for the seeds sown in the fertile soil of a balanced and peaceful mind.

Now with all this talk about peace let’s not be under the illusion that we’re not living in the world that we are and its state. Even though yes we are and should be progressively working towards a peaceful world. Our immediate job is to find the promise of peace that we have access to in our life in this lifetime.

So whether we are in the cup or in the kettle, we as being the water are able to go with the flow of our environments, merge with the contours of our surroundings, and find our own place among the stars that have shone down onto our path.

Beat the Best to Be the Best


The Greatest..

I want to draw a mural of greatness using the life of one who answered the question off what it takes to self proclaim that title.

The Iconic Muhammad Ali, formerly known as Cassius Clay.

What goes on inside if the head of a man so great? In his own words to a magazine reporter in the mid 60’s, ” I got a feeling I was born for a purpose. I don’t know why I was born. I’m just here. A young man rumbling. I’ve always had that feeling since I was a little boy. Perhaps I was was born to fulfill biblical prophecies. I just feel I may be a part of something – divine somethings. Everything seems strange to me” Whew what an interesting perspective on life from a man whose presence was described as unreal. It was felt when he walked in the room.

I remember the stories of the fears of the “Greatest” that left a motivating impression on myself as a kid growing up.

Such confidence, such bravado, such vivid displays of fearlessness as he asserted his dominance over his sporting foes.

Muhammad Ali was considered the Greatest because he was more than a champion just inside the ring.

He embodied the champion spirit internally in life as a human first, as he displayed concern towards the issues that affected his people during the time of his popularity, and in his walk of faith as he planted and grew roots down in the Muslim religion.

If you search the online database of every piece of media on Muhammad Ali, you will see a wide range collection of videos of his many speeches and talks on race and oppression, mixed with his braggadocious rants and challenges to other challengers, you keep scrolling you’ll see maybe some practice footage of his tireless work ethic, maybe a clip about his trademark punches and signature sayings, and then you’ll see him in action doing what the world grew to love him for, knockin suckas lights the flat out!

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, was the saying that became Ali’s signature phrase.

He said float like a butterfly, not like a Lily pad skimming over the newly revamped pond and pool space.

Ali was regarded as the Greatest not only because of his feats and accomplishments, Ali served Allah with passion and purpose.

Which brings me to my next depiction of Greatness.

It would be absolutely remiss of me if I didn’t incorporate the source of Greatness and all that is great.

A solid understanding of who we are and our role to play in this world wad found for me when I aligned my life with the principles and values of the Most High sovereign creator of us all who installed greatness inside of us all as a preset default setting and told us we just have to unzip and open the program and run it.

I remember as a child growing up in the inner city, the environment had such narrow and limited sense about it, that anything that showed just a hint of something that could even closely resemble greatness was marveled and appreciated.

There was a time add a young buck in high school that I was greatly impressed by the athletic skills and dominance of the players on our varsity basketball team.

Watching them soar and fly elevating to heights that seemed astronomically super galactical.

Waw that true greatness? Maybe not by the textbook definition but it truly a great impression left on Me that could offset and plant seeds in mine as well as other young kids looking for an outlet to express themselves and leave a mark on this world from doing what they love.

Which brings me to my next question..

As they say “beauty” us in the eyes of the beholder..

Is the ideal of Greatness also relative? Meaning does the definition vary from situation to situation based of the experience of those who are witnessing it?

Maybe so.

But aside from what anyone else thinks, if I regard something as great, then it is great to me, and all the way around, beholding greatness is absolutely inspiring and can cause the spark needed to offset the next level and generation of awe inspiring awesomeness.

To be the best, you’ve got to Beat em


Stay Steady and Rock Out!!


Stay Steady….

I said can you feel the rhythm of the motion of the ocean. And did that motion cause the cat the boat to capsize in foot size and we flipped out over onto the sides.

Did we try to flip it back like a cat in a hat size do which other return it and wrote it is so we can get back inside and get to the destination.

I mean for right now but we need to discuss is the fact that we need to stay steady even when the boat is rocking.

We need to be ready and steady sharper than a machete we need to reach the level and have a people right there with me.

Are we leaning on arms that are steady or are we leaning on our own imperfectness or are we resting in something that is secure?

See when we look at steady and we look at someone who is sold out or committed for the cause and for what they believe in we look at the character Job. My brotha Job was a faithful man who obeyed the Most High God and he lived in the land where he was with his family and he was a wealthy man.

And so is the scripture goes the enemy the one who was out to steal kill and destroy the negative the Prince of the air,  the devil Satan.

He was going round bout his merry way doing whatever destructive things that he does with his time and he decided to hate on Job so he stepped up to God like yo, Tell you what Satan argues he says he’s faithful but he you blessed him so many as many good things if you take these away he will curse you.

However God new jobs heart and he knew that it was secure in Him alone in so he gave Satan the green light go ahead challenge my servant, We’ll see if it turns around and curses me or what do whatever you want just make sure you don’t kill him.

And as the devil retreated from the presence of the Lord and sent out his attacks towards Job, he began to lose everything little by little..

But the picture of how steady this man’s heart and his mind and his soul was, And the point of hearing the last little tidbit of that critical information Joe grows up shaved his head feeling down on the ground and worshipped saying. Naked I came out of my mother’s womb and naked so I return the other the Lord gave in the Lord has taken away blessed be the name of the Lord.

So stay steady,, and

Rock on!!!!

As Job concluded the experiences that he faced during his time of testing he found his self to still be able to bless the name of the Lord, And because of this he has found his self in the favor of God so much more even abundantly then he had seen before.

So now as we bring the boat right back up side and we are you have stayed steady now it is time to ROCK on!!

Just don’t rock the boat while I’m in it because if I get my new outfit wet I’ll beat yo back off bruh,, pay attention.

Rock on! Like a blast of fire from the breath exhumed from the nostril of a dragon that consumes like the roaring of the Lion and the voice of a fierce Lion, and the teeth of the young lions are broken..

Rock on young warrior,, rock and unlock more of your freedom of mind and spirit, Rock it when they pass it, don’t drop it cuz it’s hot, keep track of the clock, cuz money don’t sleep and time don’t stop..

Mentored into Your Maximum


Where are we trying to go?

That we haven’t been before? Or are we tricking ourselves with the illusion that we are already fully equipped with the necessary knowledge to get to where we haven’t been before. Sure there’s the concept of being self made and self sufficient and being all self reliant and independant where we can find ourselves blocking opportunities to learn and absorb potentially pivotal information Because we have trained our minds to be selfish with what what we understand to be the keys to unlock the door to the realization of the success we dream of.

I speak as one who realized that I had to practice what I am now currently preaching so I set out sometime ago to find those so I can learn from.

I’ve actually heard of the relationship between a mentor and mentee described as that between someone pregnant and a midwife. Meaning that we made me very well meaning with our ambitions with our pursuit with our visions but we need someone to help bring that which is inside of us to birth into reality.

Yes there will be pain yes there will be pressure yes It’ll be shortness of breath but when the new life is brand new and beheld it is worth every second.

Sure we can make her own mistakes and we can learn from those that’ll be just fine and dandy but we can also shorten the learning curve by learning from others. I can relate to being that individual who feels like they have to reinvent the wheel and start from a square one when there is someone who was already laid an infrastructure that you can learn from.

See I believe that God is the master Orchestrator of the order of our lives and he fulfills his plans for humanity through the lives of those who submit to yield to his never failing hands by endlessly seeking to uncover more what He has already placed inside of us.

When we are pursuing those who we can look up to as mentors and can show us the ropes of the game we also have to consider That we have to be mindful of who we allowed to have that position of influence in our lives.

Maybe we want to open a donut shop in a place like Novi. Wouldn’t it make sense to glean experience from a successful example?

So we wouldn’t get an athletic mentor to help strengthen our financial business game, you have to have mentors that align with what we are seeking to improve.

So I would have advise you to save yourself some years in the struggle and mistakes by just being willing to listen to somebody is already been there.

When is it that we know that we have fully learned something? is it when we read it up a certain amount of times?

There are steps in the game there is actual approach to teacher learning relationship that goes from them watching you do it, to doing with them, then watching them do it.

In that environment of structure discipline and accountability it is highly conducive for the atmosphere in which measurable growth can occur.

Why do you think that before you go into many of the major professions that you have to undergo an apprenticeship or an internship, It is because after your formal education of the understanding and the knowledge of the subject you then need to get the real world experience and undergo the real life pressures.

Remind me of the time that the King of Kings or the mentors mentors told his disciples by saying follow me and I will make you fishers of men.

In conclusion long story short if our results don’t match the outcomes we have expected we know that we need to find someone we can model to help us get there.


Thoughts of A King


There’s absolutely no time and energy to waste any time and energy.

What is the difference between a woman who wants her life filled with nice things or a woman who wants the King to fill her life up together with him?

Now and I say the thoughts of a king I mean that in the context of the pursuit of a queen to offset the royalty of the pair of heirs that cultivate the void that is bare into a treasure that’s rare and pure to assure a heritage.

What are titles and names and how do they become the foundational premise on which we build our identity and relationship with ourselves and those around us?

Now when I say king and queen I’m not necessarily referring to an actual royal bloodline in a kingdom somewhere but a frame of mind a state of being.

I believe that when man is in the place where he was created to be it would reflect that which we would call a king with authority power and dominion. That man was made to rule to build breakdown to share to love, to be fruitful and multiply.

And as we instinctively search for deeper meanings and more of all that is, we tend to pursue the path to uncover our potential. But a vital turning point in that happening is when the cross roads cross in the paths meet with a beautiful queen who brings another shade of bliss and heaven into your soul and gives you the necessary and desirable key into her fertile garden in which you will cultivate into a harvest of seeds that will replenish the earth with an offspring of your lineage and continuation of your bloodline that will carry on the legacy of your life’s purpose and passion.

Oh and the joy from the opportunity to be able to invest into her too so into her to treat her as the queen that she is, And to allow the love that you have in your heart towards her to that reflects in the love language and respect that she responds to, Because she simply worth it there may have been other women you have experience in your life that shaded and jaded your perspective of how deeply you could dive into the depths of the Universe of another human being that yearns to be the Apple of your eye and have a place among the center of your heart.

As a man as a king as a ruler as a leader. You have to understand life from the perspective of investment. You grow to a point where every resource that is available to you grows so much and its value, Whether it be your time whether it be your money whether it be your presence whether it be your information, You have to be mindful not to spread yourself too thin due to the demand that there is for the value that you have. In this principle especially and even more so applies to intimate relations.

To be equally yoked with individuals that will enhance your life to higher heights seems to be an ideal that is lost in this generation of relationships, call a one nighter a hibernation ship, skipping thru the waves like a racing ship, as we pace and skip through space and flip through constellations galaxies of adventuring into each others drift that we catch like a wave crashing down on Egyptians for the judgement of mistreating God’s beloved that he called unto him.

They’ll hear what you say, but they’ll respect you for what you do.

That’s why I keep doing it!